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9th National Oldtimer Manifestation 2001

the 9th edition took place from Friday 13 April up to and including Monday 16 April 2001 at the Prins Bernhardhoeve in Zuidlaren

There was 40.000 m² available for the National Oldtimer Manifestation

The participating clubs:

De Historische Automobiel Vereniging
( the Historical Automobile Club)
De Veteranen Motor club
(The (Dutch)Vintage Motorcycle Club)
De Oude Trekker
(The Old Tractor)
Motoren Vereniging
(Motorcycles Club)

The 9th edition of the oldtimer manifestation was held from 13 up to and including 16 April 2001 at the Prins Bernard Hoeve in Zuidlaren.
The oldtimers could be placed on Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 12 April. The lay-out of the various covered markets had been on the whole completed and the individual contributions finished off the exhibition. The VMC ( Veteraan Motoren Club or Vintage Motorcycle Club ) was represented by a large stand which had even space enough to rest and have a cup of coffee. People were using it vehemently.
The official opening was at Friday 13 April and at 2 pm the doors were opened for the public. The various markets had there own themes. One market was showing motorcycles while others showed cars or tractors or stationary motors or trucks or military vehicles. Most traders and stands were snacks were sold, were in the hall.
Our contribution consisted off the DKW-IFA, type RT125 (1950), Motobecane MB2 and the Koehler Escoffier, type K35S (1928) which had to be restored yet and was transported in a wheelbarrow. My father had brought the Automoto A14, Automoto BH, NSU Quick, New Map and the Monet Goyon. Other makes that were represented, were Eysink, Indian, BMW, BSA and so on. This weekend we learned from the proud owner of a Motobecane MB1 that my Motobecane was a model of 1928. The difference between the MB1 and MB2 can’t be overlooked especially when the two bikes are standing side by side. So, such an event is not only fun to visit but also educational and contacts are established.
Monday, at the stroke of six, the end of the oldtimer manifestation was announced and a joyful stampede broke out to get as quickly as possible home. Despite the crowd we were able to leave Zuidlaren at 7pm after putting the motorcycles into the van and saying goodbye. We were just in time for coffee at home. The next day we went back to pick up the remaining 2 motorcycles and we were able to look back with satisfaction at the 9th oldtimer manifestation in Zuidlaren. Up to the 10th!